Yoga Clothing: What’s Out There For Me?

“Tight, but not too tight. Practical, but fashionable. Affordable, but environmentally responsible… wait, what do I choose?”

We know all about the agony that some might feel when having to go through the trouble of choosing where to buy the ideal set of yoga clothes, but before you head out to flatten the floors of the mall or stare at a screen browsing for just too many hours, we here give you an overview of the options that are waiting for you out there depending on your purchasing priorities.

Tree Hugging

If your priority is making a purchase while remaining in harmony with the natural elements of this world, great! We applaud your all-round yogi approach to life and encourage you to check out these brands that share your same admirable values.



Yoga Smoga


For those busy ones working on a tight schedule who are in the search of versatile multi-use clothing, there are a few brands that will be pleased to cater to your needs.

Alo Yoga

Lily Lottus

Outdoor Voices


You don’t have to buy expensive clothes to look or feel good; you just have to feel good with yourself to look good… definitely one of the many wise yoga lessons. So, if going on a shopping spree and ending up with a whole in your wallet is not part of your plan, do not worry, we here present you a few brands that have this all covered.

Forever 21


Old Navy




Colors, prints and singular designs that will be hard to find somewhere else: If high-quality, stylish clothing is your cup of tea be ready to blow your mind over the well thought and unique outfits you will be able to run into at these stores.



Live the Process



Are you looking for clothing designed by people or companies that have somehow of a clear idea of what you want as an athlete? Here are some of the brands that will most probably satisfy your needs.

Nancy Rose Performance



Tory Sport


If none of the fore mentioned purchasing priorities ring a bell with what you are actually looking for then we hope these few will.

Mika Yoga Wear: A brand to honor the differences in each body; this is the concept they have in mind while crafting their yoga clothes and depending on what you pick you can get it for a medium-ranged price.

Nordstrom: This is the place for you to go in case you are indecisive of what you want. Head out there and take a look at different varieties of brands, price tags and styles and compare them right next to each other.

Sweaty Betty: Although a bit pricey, this store offers a broad range of looks from simple basics to more elaborated apparel.

90 Degree By Reflex: These clothes are not only affordable but they are well made and lots of styles to choose from.