What Are the Benefits of Floating Yoga?

Yoga is developing a number of popular offshoots that are drawing in new yogis all the time. Whether you want to try something new or just switch up a stale yoga routine, the latest trend could have a lot to offer. What is this new phenomenon that’s sweeping across yoga studios and health centers? Most yogis know it as floating yoga, the practice of performing their usual sequence on a paddleboard in the middle of a local pool.

If you’ve been tempted to try this latest trend, you should know what it has to offer. There are some real benefits to this mainstream movement that could help to move you further along in your yoga practice.

It Forces You to Focus

You’re probably able to move through the average yoga sequence with a very little thought on any given day. You can jump back to chaturanga and move straight through a vinyasa with ease. Unfortunately, those same skills won’t necessarily apply when you move on to floating yoga.

Floating yoga will require you to think about each individual movement you need to make. If you want to stay afloat, you will have to focus on what comes next and how to shift your balance accordingly.

You’ll Develop a Stronger Core

Practicing yoga is certain to give you a thorough workout, but floating yoga promises an even more rigorous option. Because of the balance and movements required, floating yoga gives you an ample opportunity to improve your core strength. You will have to use your core strength to stabilize yourself, even as the gentle waves rock your board.

What’s the real challenge? When a classmate falls face-first into the pool, you’re likely to be rocked by bigger waves. Utilizing your core muscles can help to keep you floating even in the midst of the water surge.

Yoga Will Become Fun Again

Do you ever fall into a rut where yoga becomes more like a chore than a pleasure? Trying some of these unconventional yoga styles may give you the boost you need to help the practice become fun once more. It can shift your mindset and let you go back to your regular practice feeling renewed and energized again.

You won’t be tempted to take yourself too seriously after the first fall into the chilly pool water. It’ll be a pleasant experience that also jolts you out of a routine mindset that is too stuck on being serious all the time.

Not all fitness centers are offering this unique class, but it’s definitely worth trying if you find it on a schedule near you. Be sure to trade your usual yoga leggings for something you won’t mind getting wet with pool chemicals! A pair of yoga shorts and a tank top with a bathing suit underneath may be the ideal outfit for floating yoga.

Don’t be afraid to dive on into a new yoga practice with this floating class. You’ll learn a lot about yourself and your practice in the process.